GAM provides support to define and implement improvements in the flow and the management of the manufacturing processes with the aim of increasing the product quality, eliminate abnormal rejection and relative costs and deliver Continuous Improvement tools to Customer personnel.

In case of major quality or delivering issues caused by the Supplier, contractual requirements include the possibility for the Customer  to start a guided growth program managed by an independent and qualified third party Company.


In those cases, GAM Consulting experts will perform a detailed Process Audit in order to identify the systemic/structural weaknesses that have caused the generation of the issues impacting the Customer; on the base of the Audit results, it isdefined an action plan including actions for achieving permanent improvements of the process, mainly focusing on the capacity increase (Cp, Cpk).


The countermeasures adopted, that might be extended to other processes in a preventive mode, are an asset for the company.


Guided Growth CSL3



GAM Consulting can execute Qualification and Surveillance Audits at suppliers with the aim of identifying any critical areas and supporting the definition of adequate countermeasures.

An Expert in the use of Automotive and Rolling Stock sectors procedures, through the execution of Process and System Audits, identifies the intervention priorities by structuring a specific action plan, which is monitored continuously through regular visits to Suppliers Plants in order to verify the correct execution of the actions and the achievement of the expected improvements.

GAM consulting is able to provide professionals with long experience in the Automotive and Rolling Stock sectors for the management of complex projects. In particular, our Project Managers support the Platform/Program team from the early stages of concept design to production start-up; they support the follow-up steps with the definition of action plans and with the related monitoring - even at the Suppliers involved - according to the APQP logic, up to the achievement of the approval of the PPAP or the FAI.



Supplier Qualification

Qualification of New Suppliers according to the Automotive and Railway standards (SEA, VDA, BIQS, IRIS)

Design Review

Support to suppliers in the Design Review for the definition of action plans for the achievement of the project release in the planned time

Program Review

Monitoring of internal Fonitoi Program Reviews to maintain development timelines from Concept Design to SOP


Monitoring and support of the planning, realization and delivery of prototypes and samples (Proto α, ß, γ, PV, PS, PPAP, FAI)

Dimensional reliefs

Evaluation of PPAP samples, dimensional measurements and assembly tests on vehicles. Specifies the PPAP documentation

Control Plan

Drafting of reinforced control plans for production start-up at suppliers

Finisher Product Control

Control forward-dispatch at suppliers during production start-up and / or during normal production (SLP / CSL1 / CSL2 / SET)


Resident Engineer teams present at OEM sites that can support the launch of new models and monitor current production

Flying Doctor

Team of engineers expert in the diagnosis of defects on operating vehicles


Checks and replacement of components on vehicles at logistics and / or commercial yards in Europe

”If you keep doing what you've always done, you will continue to get what you've always had.”