Quality Control

GAM provides qualified service for checking and/or recovery of the product: we are operative in 12 - 24 hrs either at the customer location or at remote locations in order to clean up the entire pipeline between the failure source and the final customer. We can develop the operative instructions autonomously, and provide reporting on a daily basis or as required.

GAM Consulting provides Product Sorting and Testing, performed by staff experienced in visual and instrumented verifications.

We can provide Non Distructive Tests, that allow the detection of defects or specific material characteristics without any impact on the part from a dimensional and structural stand point.


In case of non-conformity occurrence, our skilled staff will be able to implement in a very short time re-working and verification process as per Customer Quality Team directions.

Each activity is traced through detailed daily reports tracking the quantities confirmed OK, Not-OK, recovered or rejected.





GAM Consulting provides qualified personnel with many years of experience for dimensional measurements carried out with high precision instrumentation (such as FARO CAM2 equipment).


The activites can be provided directly at the Customer site.

The Controlled Shipping Level 1 (CSL1) is the additional 100% product inspection required by the OEM to the Supplier, which performs that activity in order to avoid the shipment of non-conforming parts to the Customer.


This kind of containment action can be out sourced to a third party Company, such as GAM, which will execute the product inspection in a organized, rapid, effective and documented way allowing the Supplier to keep full work force on manufacturing process rather than on product inspection.





The Controlled Shipping Level 2 (CSL2) is the additional 100% product inspection required by the OEM to the Supplier, which must contract a certified and accredited third part Company, such as GAM, that will perform that activity in order to avoid the shipment of non-conforming parts out of its plants.


GAM Consulting is a third party Quality Provider, accredited by FCA Group, Ferrari, Lamborghini (a VW Group Company), General Motors, OPEL, CNH Industrial, Hitachi Rail, by meeting the strict requirements defined by those OEM's.

Reinforced Control Plans implemented in preventive or reactive mode in order to protect the customer in particular critical situations or at the start-up of new production line.

GAM Consulting, along with the expert staff able to carry out those controls using the same approach as per CLS2, can provide support for defining and implementing the same reinforced control plans.





GAM Consulting has an extensive presence at major European automotive districts, on which we are able to offer the expertise of our resident engineers both at the car maker sites and at their suppliers.


Our resident are in continuous and close contact with the production and quality Teams in order to timely intercept any anomalies and implement the related containment actions, in order to minimize the impact on the qualitative performance indices.


Each defect is configured and analyzed, using problem solving techniques to identify the root cause and to define the appropriate corrective actions. Those are then constantly monitored in order to verify their effectiveness.

In case of needs of checking and/or recovery a particular batch of cars for a specific defect, GAM Consulting offers on-vehicle intervention service, both at the production plants and on commercial yards, conducted by teams of technicians able to operate within 24 hours throughout the EMEA territory.





Our consolidated Assistance TEAM can support OEM and their Tier 1 Suppliers for a correct diagnosis and possible repair for components, systems and modules carried out on vehicles in the field.


Flying Doctors can be operative at the dealership within 12-24 hrs for perform the first level analysis by using professional equipments for the confirmation of the failure and determine the correct repair intervention.

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